Chako Paul City

In the winter of 2009 freelance reporter Beata Brattström, accompanied by photographer Magda Andersson, went out into the northern wilderness to find the mythical lesbian city of Chako Paul.

A meeting at Zappho bar with a person who claimed to be from the city had resulted in a roaddirection. It proved to lead to one of the city’s guard cabins and an exciting meeting occurred.

Why has the city been hidden? How do they reproduce? Why choose to live without men? What is their social structure like? What did Astrid Lindgren and Valerie Solanas do there?

Join us on Beata and Magdas journey into a hidden world and learn everything you wanted to know about a lesbian utopian society.

Directors: Lasse Långström, Leo Palmestål

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Directors: Lasse Långström, Leo Palmestål
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